SoFi's Get That Raise Site

We designed and built a branded interactive web experience to empower
young professionals to ask for a raise.

My role: Art Direction, UI & UX
Company: Kettle

ipad 1.png

The Challenge

SoFi wants to encourage people to take control of their financial future, starting with getting paid right. Their surveys prove that many young professionals feel they are underpaid, yet are too intimidated to negotiate their salary. With this in mind, how can we help them feel more comfortable and prepared to ask for a raise?

The solution

We carefully looked at SoFi's "Raise Week," an educational site with tons of  resources and live events to help professionals grow their market value. We used this content to build a framework for the Get That Raise experience. The end result
is a personalized action plan that helps users get the right information to
prepare before asking for a raise. 

User Flow

Game Plan

Set your goals

Build your profile

Current salary

E-mail capture


We set out to improve the quiz experience SoFi has used in previous campaigns.
I sketched different ways to make the questions simple with educational content sprinkled throughout, in order to make the experience more valuable. I like to use this wireframe process to explore early UI options. 

Art Direction

I designed these art direction concepts that were pitched in order to elevate the SoFi branding for this specific experience. My goal was to create a visual identity that felt unique and friendly in comparison to other financial companies in the market.

Design Concepts

I helped create new iconography and UI elements. In addition, I developed a visual style that used the SoFi color palette and fonts in a bolder and more purposeful way. 

Final Designs

Group 14.png
dark copy 4.png
iPad Copy 2.png