Zocdoc's The Paper Gown

We redesigned Zocdoc's patient blog, giving it a more modern and editorial visual identity. 

My role: Art Direction, UI
Company: Kettle

The Challenge

Zocdoc wanted to transform their patient blog into a more engaging and editorial experience that kept users coming back to the site. The goal was to design a space where users could feel they are part of a community of patients.

Art Direction

I began by creating several moodboards that explored how the Zocdoc brand could be reimagined for this patient experience. When doing these explorations, I like to begin by remaining close to the current look, then slowly pushing the visuals further into a completely new direction.


I reworked the current Zocdoc color palette to be softer and less saturated. In order to elevate the site and give it a more editorial look, I chose their serif font as the primary treatment for headlines and headers. I also helped create a new icon set that felt modern and added touch of playfulness to the content.

Final Designs